Plug-in hybrid buses

During 2013, Volvo Buses undertook field testing of its new plug-in hybrid model.

Volvo’s plug-in hybrid bus:

  • is fitted with an electric motor, powered by a lithium battery, and has a small diesel engine
  • enables recharging from electricity grids via a collector installed on the roof – charging takes approximately 7 minutes
  • can run exclusively on electric power for approximately 7 km, without any noise or emissions.

Working in partnership with Västtrafik, three plug-in hybrid Volvo buses have been running on the public transportation system in Gothenburg since the summer 2013.

Initial results have exceeded expectations. The plug-in hybrid consumes less than 11 liters of diesel per 100 km – 81 percent less than an equivalent diesel bus. Total energy consumption – based on diesel fuel and electricity – is 60 percent lower overall.

The field test in Gothenburg will continue throughout 2014 and complete 10,000 operating hours. A demonstration project in Stockholm will bring eight more plug-in hybrid buses into service in 2014.

A number of other European cities are showing a keen interest in Volvo Buses’ plug-in hybrids. Hamburg and Luxembourg have already signed contracts for supplies in 2014 and 2015. The Group plans to begin commercial production at the end of 2015.