Engaging with society

We have supported various society engagement activities for many years. We work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders to im­­prove the wellbeing of society broadly. This takes the form of projects and strategic partnerships with non-governmental organizations, philanthropic donations, community volunteering and sponsorships.

In 2013 we implemented a tool for systematic reporting of these activities and aggregation of their value. While this is a group-wide effort, it is not exhaustive and will need to be further refined in 2014. Initial data values the Group’s total society engagement at more than SEK 230 M over the course of the year, where a substantial part is related to the Volvo Step program.

Today, we are fulfilling our new CSR strategy of society engagement built on the concept of shared value, where we match societies’ needs with the Group’s business objectives.

All activity is guided by our core values of quality, safety and environmental care”

We engage in activities related to our core business and operating context where we can use our unique expertise, knowledge and skills to address social and environmental challenges. All activity is guided by our corporate core values of quality, safety and environmental care and aims to support our vision. The Volvo Group is most active in the areas of skills development, traffic safety, education, environmental protection and disaster relief.