Environmental management

In this chapter:

Since 2010 each plant establishes targets related to water use, which will eventually lead to aggregated targets at a Group level.

The main issues in relation to water include inefficient water use and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Water consumption and emissions to water have been measured since 1990.  Water is also included in the Group’s minimum environmental requirements for production, with regard to substances in process water and that process water with organic content must be treated chemically or by an equivalent method. The standard also requires that all plants shall address sustainable usage of water resources.

Water consumption compared with net sales has decreased every year, with the exception of 2009, which was due to very low production volumes. Water consumption decreased from 7,970,000 m3 in 2011 to 7,372,200 m3 in 2012.

All of Volvo Group’s majority-owned plants have either installed their own water treatment facilities or discharge their effluents to external treatment plants. An increasing number of plants are also installing closed process water systems.