Fuel consumption

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The Volvo Group offers package solutions that help customers use products in the most efficient way possible. Research shows that fuel savings of between 5 and 15 percent are possible, which reduces both costs and environmental impact.


Fuelwatch is a concept for fuel saving management for Volvo Trucks’ customers. With the Fuel Advice service, a personal coach helps the customer cut fuel consumption by up to five percent. Regular follow-up and professional guidance helps maintain the fuel savings over time.

Fuel savings of between 5 and 15 percent are possible

Optifuel Solutions

Renault Trucks offers Optifuel Solutions – a set of products and services providing up to 15 percent of additional fuel savings. The offer makes it possible to optimally configure and equip vehicles, instruct drivers in eco-driving, and measure and analyze truck consumption over a long period via specialized software. All this allows customers to upgrade performance over the course of the vehicle operational life.

In 2009 the Renault Premium Optifuel model was introduced on the market. The solution consists of a long distance truck fitted with all the options for reducing fuel together with eco driving instructions and specialized software. Comparative trials under actual operating conditions, in which the fuel consumption of a standard vehicle driven by untrained drivers was compared with a Renault Premium Optifuel truck driven by eco driving certified drivers, revealed a drop in consumption of 6.4 percent. The result was confirmed by the German TüV ­certifying organization.