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Short-term objectives

Short-term objectives Result 2012
As part of the commitment of the Volvo Group to the WWF Climate Savers Program  
  • Between 2009–2014 the total lifetime
emissions of the Group’s products shall
decrease by 30 million tons
Half time result shows a reduction of 18 million tons between 2009–2011
  • The Volvo Group will develop a new truck prototype with 20% lower fuel consumption than
a corresponding truck manufactured in 2008
  • Prior to 2014, the Volvo Group will offer commercial market trucks that operate on renewable gas Fulfilled with the Methane Diesel truck
  • The Volvo Group will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its production plants by 0.2 million tons (12%) before 2014, compared with 2008 Half time result shows a reduction of 0.3 million tons (16%) between 2009-2011
All suppliers delivering automotive products shall be certified in accordance with ISO 14001 More than 90% of spending on automotive products came from suppliers certified in accordance with ISO 14001
100% of the suppliers in ‘high-risk’ countries, as defined from a CSR perspective, shall be
assessed in 2012
64% completed the self-assessment, corresponding to 84% of the spend
Between 2010-2012 the idling losses, i.e. energy use outside production, shall be reduced by 50%. Beside the idling losses the energy consumption shall be reduced by 15% per produced unit in
2012 compared with 2008
The total energy use on a Group level has only slightly decreased measured in MWh/MSEK. However the emission of carbon dioxide decreased with about 20% measured in ton per MSEK. Individual plants have been able to considerably reduce energy use  outside production (idling losses) e.g. the Renault Truck production plant in France and the Penta engine plant in Vara, Sweden
All plants shall fulfill the minimum environmental requirements All fully owned assembly plants fulfilled the minimum requirements
All plants shall have completed the energy
mapping by 2012
Approximately 70% of the plants have done the energy mapping
The carbon dioxide emissions from inbound and outbound transports shall decrease Carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 18% between 2009 and 2011*.
Leadership pipeline project shall be launched in
all countries where the Volvo Group has
major operations
Completed in 2012
All employees, both blue and white collars shall have a ­personal business plan At the end of 2012 the plan had been implemented for all employees
The talent review shall be completed for
the Group
Completed for 2012
To attract and retain a diverse workforce 17% of the workforce was female and women represented 19% of the senior executives in 2012
The Employee Engagement Index (EEI) result in the employee survey shall be higher than the
The index among Volvo Group’s employees was 76% compared to the global norm of 68%
All wholly owned plants shall be certified in accordance with ISO 14001 All but two plants were certified in accordance with ISO 14001
All wholly owned plants shall be certified in accordance with  ISO 9001 All plants were certified in accordance with ISO 9001
All white collar employees shall have conducted
the anti-corruption e-learning during 2010-2012
31,952 employees have taken the e-learning in anti-corruption
All white collar employees shall have taken the competition law e-learning in a three-year period starting in 2012 More than 36,000 employees took the e-learning in competition law
All employees shall have completed the Code of Conduct e-learning course Approximately 11,000 employees took the web-based training in November and December 2012
The Volvo Group shall be ranked as one of the most ­sustainable companies in the world, that is
by being included in Dow Jones Sustainability
Included in DJSI World and Euro in 2012

The Volvo Group’s financial goals are described in the Annual Report.

* Results for 2012 will be presented during the second quarter of 2013.