Members of the AB Volvo Board of Directors have good knowledge and understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability issues.

The Volvo Group’s Code of Conduct is approved by the Board of Directors, who also has formal ownership of the Code. The Board reviews the Code annually.

The Volvo Group’s CEO, Olof Persson, is responsible for our vision – to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions.

In the Group Executive Team, Jan-Eric Sundgren, Executive Vice President Environmental and Public Affairs, is responsible for CSR and sustainability issues. As of April 1, 2013 Niklas Gustavsson will succeed Jan-Eric Sundgren who was appointed Senior Expert Adviser to the CEO and senior management.

The responsibility for overseeing the implementation, follow-up and development of CSR work is delegated to the Volvo Group’s Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Malin Ripa.

Responsibility for CSR performance and compliance with the Code of Conduct follows the ordinary line of business responsibility.

For the complete corporate governance report of the Volvo Group, see the Group’s Annual Report 2012.

Governance body for CSR and sustainability issues

CSR and sustainability issues are handled by the Core Value and Public Affairs Council, which is chaired by Jan-Eric Sundgren.

The chairman of the council is responsible for making decisions and following up the implementation of decisions throughout the organization.

The purpose of this governing body is to establish strategies and directions and to follow up on performance. This council also supports and advances the Volvo Group’s business in areas related to its core values, CSR and sustainability, public affairs and relevant emerging issues.

CSR and sustainability committee

A CSR and Sustainability Committee coordinates the work and makes recommendations to the Core Value and Public Affairs Council, which is tasked with supporting and developing the Volvo Group’s work with CSR and sustainability.

The CSR and Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Director, Corporate Social Responsibility for the Volvo Group. The committee’s members comprise CSR managers within the Group, representing different parts of the organization and ­relevant processes for the implementation of the internal CSR work.

All companies within the Volvo Group that have purchasing organizations are represented in the CSR Supply Chain network

CSR in the ­sourcing process

The Volvo Group CSR Supply Chain network develops and coordinates the CSR work in the sourcing process. All companies within the Volvo Group that have purchasing organizations are represented. The network reports to the CSR and Sustainability Committee as well as to a decision-making forum within the purchasing organization.