The Volvo Group’s Sustainability Report for 2012 adheres to the following internationally recognized voluntary standards and principles: Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compacts principles for Communication On Progress and ISO 26000 Self-declaration for the implementation and reporting of the Group’s sustainability work.

GRI is the most widely used sustainability reporting framework which seeks to promote greater transparency.

ISO 26000 is a standard that provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way.

The Volvo Group uses both of these standards to implement and report the Group’s work within sustainability. The report addresses issues that have been identified as important both internally and through stakeholder dialogues.

Communication On Progress

The Volvo Group is a signatory to United Nations Global Compact since 2001 and annually submits its Communication On Progress report. This Sustainability Report describes our work to advance the Global Compact’s ten principles in our daily operations as well as in our strategies.

The Volvo Group uses both GRI and ISO 26000 to implement and report the Group’s work within sustainability.

GRI index

The Volvo Group applies the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guideline for sustainability reporting. This framework (G3) sets out principles and indicators for measuring and reporting economic, environmental and social performance.

The GRI table provides references to where the indicated GRI-information can be found in the Sustainability Report 2012. In some cases, reference is made to content in the Volvo Group Annual Report or the Corporate Governance Report for 2012.

The Volvo Group has chosen to self-declare the report as meeting the GRI Application Level B.

ISO 26000 Self-declaration

The Volvo Group applies the ISO 26000 guidance document for social responsibility. There is no official certification for this standard, but SIS, the Swedish Standards Institute, issued in November 2012 a guideline for self-declaration of the fulfillment of the standard.

The Volvo Group has completed this self-declaration with the contents of this report, and the references for where information can be found are outlined in the table ISO 26000 Self-declaration.