Value chain

The Volvo Group responsibility – in practice
Taking responsibility for what we produce, how we produce it and how we act is at the core of our CSR commitment. We believe that this approach is essential for building lasting relations with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Sourcing process

We aim to source responsibly. Responsible sourcing is about deploying the same requirements on suppliers when it comes to environmental standards, business ethics and social performance as we place on own operations.

Product development

We work to reduce the environmental impact of our products and develop energy efficient solutions for our customers. Each new product should have less environmental impact than the product it replaces. We are constantly working on improving product performance and our long term R&D focus on sustainable transport solutions.


The Code of Conduct outlines the Volvo Group's principles and minimum standard for conducting business in an appropriate, responsible and transparent manner. The policy describes what can be expected from the Volvo Group and its employees. We strive to integrate the principles of CSR into daily operations.

Sales and marketing

We believe that success in business depends on building and maintaining the trust of our customers. Our products and services are developed in close cooperation with our customers. Customer satisfaction depends not only on the quality and performance of our products, but also on how customers are treated and how service is delivered.

Products in use

The majority of the negative impacts from our products occur during the "use-phase". We aim to provide the right products and services to achieve safe and energy efficient transports that enable high productivity in the transport system. We support our customers with services and solutions to use the products in the most efficient way.

End of life

By considering end of life in the design phase of our products, 85% of the truck is recyclable. Our newly-built trucks are made of as much as one third recycled material.