From risk to value

Responsible business is good business 

Managing risks is an important component of our overall CSR strategy. However, CSR is also increasingly important for the Volvo Group's competitiveness by building brand, reducing cost, helping to capture new business opportunities and strenghtening stakeholder relationships. 

Managing risks

As a global company we must understand the political, social and economic trends that might impact the role and reputation of the Volvo Group in order to make the right strategic decisions. A company that is attuned to stakeholders’ expectations, concerns and priorities can react faster to potential risks and opportunities.

We believe that responsible business brings long-term success.

Creating value

Transport is a driving force for socio-economic development. Our pioneering products and services generate profitability for customers in the transport and infrastructure industries. 

Profit is essential for our long-term business survival and a prerequisite for sustaining our operations, investing in new technology and a further expansion of the business.

A strategic approach to CSR entails opportunities to grow our business and reducing costs. Our CSR commitment is based on our vision, business strategies and ambitions.

Creating shared value

Transport contribute to growth and development. We develop pioneering products and services based on our customers' needs and we intend to give our shareholders a favorable return on their investment.

We also strive to serve society by utilizing our unique skills, expertise and resources to develop solutions that address the challenges of sustainable transport. This is what we mean by creating shared value. 

Economic growth

The interest in and demand for environmentally-enhanced products have increased. The Volvo Group is well positioned to capture the growth opportunities related to this development. This is done by:

  • Developing new products that enable our customers to choose more sustainable products and services
  • Expanding the product and service offer linked to the existing business, such as support, to ensure that the products are used in the most environmentally-efficient and safest way, through measures such as driver training, traffic safety and transport academy 
  • Accessing new markets 
  • Creating the future market for sustainable transport solutions.

Resource effiency

Resource efficiency is a matter of economic and strategic importance. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles, the Volvo Group has consistently worked to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We have always strived for our operations and products to have the least possible negative environmental impact. But it also makes economic sense to use available resources in the most efficient way, it makes us more competitive. 

By improving the management of resources such as energy, material and water, we also reduce costs.