The Volvo Way

Our culture embodies individual responsibility and accountability for results. This means a clear orientation towards common goals and solutions, and a strong determination to grow, develop and improve. It is how we conduct our business around the world.

Customer in focus

“The Volvo Way supports the strategy for delivering added value to demanding customers in selected segments. In this customer centric culture, there is a strong focus on responsiveness, agility and the ability to execute with speed", says Charlie Nordblom.

Developing the new version of The Volvo Way took almost two years. This in-depth process included active dialogues and interviews with more than 600 managers and employees globally. At the end each member of the senior executive management team were interviewed for their perspectives and insights.

Employee alignment

The Volvo Way addresses business critical issues such as putting customers first, enhancing the alignment of cultures with the business strategy and developing global leadership qualities. The Volvo Way is about enabling people.

“To be involved and empowered in setting the direction means that we take individual responsibility and ownership for decisions. This employee engagement results in a strong sense of commitment to meet agreed objectives and goals. All of us feel accountable for driving change and building the future. Only engaged employees can deliver excellence.

Building a high commitment and high performance organization requires constant attention and support by senior management. The business outcome is a more resilient organization where individuals can change, transform, learn and grow,” says Charlie Nordblom.

Charlie Nordblom, Senior Vice President Strategic Internal Communication