It's all about engagement

"An engaged employee brings body, soul and mind to work. We want to enable our employees to walk the extra mile – for themselves and for the company", says Kerstin Renard, Head of Volvo Group Corporate Human Resources.
We strive to become a global team of high-performing people. This means that we develop, measure and reward top performance and high engagement. It also means that we try to take advantage of being global, and to deliver higher effectiveness through global cooperation and mobility.

In 2011, the Volvo Group Attitude Survey (VGAS), the yearly survey in which all Group employees are invited to take part, was updated, now focusing on an employee engagement index, instead of the former satisfaction index.

The VGAS takes place once a year, but it is a year-long process. Managers are responsible for analyzing the results of their team and, together with the team, establish and follow-through on action plans to further improve employee engagement.

Employee engagement is high on the agenda in many companies these days. However, what makes Volvo Group unique is that we clearly state that we want not only the company to be successful, but also the individuals.

The right conditions to succeed

Engaged employees are an essential foundation when we build the high performing organization we need for the future.

The business outcomes of this engagement are well proven and include increased customer satisfaction, operational excellence and profitable growth.

Moreover, engagement contributes to enhancing individual and team performance and thus the organization’s capacity to change, learn and grow.

If we can enable all employees to walk the extra mile, it will make an enormous difference in the total delivery!

However, engaged employees need to be given the right conditions in order to succeed, and that is the responsibility of the leaders. It is about motivation and having the right prerequisites!

To be able to contribute to the success, all in the Group also need good knowledge of the overall strategy and the objectives of our team, as well as clear individual targets including plans for competence development.

Day-to-day development

As a Volvo Group employee, you have a broad offer of competence development activities to choose from. It goes from e-learning and coaching to instructor-led programs. However, we regard your day-to-day work as the most important competence development.

This is where you develop your skills, learn from others and get feedback on your achievements. Important components include coaching and mentoring.

You can also work globally, either as an expatriate or on a short-term assignment or in global projects. We offer a global work environment with the opportunity to interact with and learn from colleagues from all over the world. Another way of developing your competence is to move from one business or function to another. Internal mobility also means that we as a company can make the best use of our collective expertise.

Every Volvo Group employee should feel that their competence and personality is taken advantage of in the best possible way."

Kerstin Renard, Head of Volvo Group Corporate Human Resources