Volvo Group - a part of society

Building relations with actors in society
Companies are an important part of the society and dependent on good relations with the surrounding community for long-term business success. The Volvo Group believes it is important to contribute to the communities in which we operate and to be a responsible partner. In return, the Volvo Group gets the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with people and groups with diverse views, experiences and expertise, and to learn from them.

Moving society forward  

We work together with customers, authorities, local decision makers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, and other partners to contribute to society based on our skills and knowledge. The goal is to contribute positively within our field of expertise to the development of society and build relationships with actors in society. It also provides opportunities for employee engagement and adds an extra dimension to work, builds pride and increases satisfaction.  

Unique assets for creating value

The Volvo Group has a unique set of skills, knowledge and resources. By sharing our knowledge and contributing to technological development, we can contribute to a positive development. The aim is to create a win-win situation for society and the Volvo Group by matching communities' needs with business objectives by using our unique assets.  

To create societal and business value we engage in projects based on our specific skills, knowledge and resources related to our core business and operating context. All projects are guided by our core values – quality, safety and environmental care. As a rule of thumb the Volvo Group shall only engage in projects that will yield a higher social impact than if someone else were to conduct the project. For example, the Volvo Group has deep knowledge and experience of working with traffic safety or minimizing its environmental impact. In order to secure skilled competence for the future, projects might also focus on education in the MST field (mathematics, science and technology). 

Knowledge and understanding of the markets’ needs and conditions are essential to planning and executing successful community outreach projects.

Global approach to local needs

The Volvo Group operates in countries with different social, political, economic and cultural systems and conditions. While many of the challenges of sustainable development and CSR are similar across the world, priorities and stakeholders’ expectations may differ from region to region. Knowledge and understanding of the markets’ needs and conditions are essential to planning and executing successful community projects. Due to the Group’s geographical spread and decentralized structure, the Volvo Group considers the local market organizations to be the most suited for identifying, selecting and developing community outreach projects based on the local circumstances, expectations or to fulfill market specific requirements.


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