Pioneering social responsibility in Brasil

"Volvo has been in Brazil for 34 years and was a CSR pioneer in the automotive industry. The Volvo Group has pioneered in the way it relates to employees as well as to society, which have received direct benefits from several social-environmental programs undertaken by the company", says Solange Fusco, Corporate Communications Manager, Volvo do Brasil.

"When Volvo first set up in Brazil in the late 1970s, a number of innovative concepts were established. We were the first company in Brazil to have a plant level committee that effectively represented the interests of employees, the first to offer a private pension plan and to establish self-managed teams in the manufacturing areas.

Our employees are a priority and we assume responsibility by offering adequate compensation, a good working environment and suitable benefits policies on health, meals and education for example.

Our brand is a promise

We believe that our brand is a promise to our customers, our employees and our community. A company keeping safety as a core value and manufacturing vehicles considered as the safest in the world, could not ignore the fact that Brazil has one of the world`s highest traffic accident and death rates in the world.

In the late 1980s, Volvo launched the successful Volvo Traffic Safety Program (VTSP) as a way of contributing to society in the quest for solutions for Brazilian traffic. VTSP has become the country’s longest running action in the citizenship of traffic, mobilizing governments, traffic agencies, businesses, schools and universities in addition to society in general and media.

In addition, Volvo do Brasil maintains a number of other programs related to society, including supporting children in need, income generation for families living near Volvo Group facilities, educational programs for young people, training on environmental issues, training for truck drivers and so on.

Aligning community outreach to our core business and values

All activities related to community outreach have a strategic approach. Social and environmental programs must not only make an effective contribution to society, but also add value to the Group business. For this reason, the actions undertaken by Volvo do Brasil show a strong connection to the brand's core values. We do not support any initiative which is not fully in tune with these values.

In 2010, Volvo do Brasil was awarded the Volvo Group Internal Safety Award for the TransForm program. This program is targeted at the development of safe behaviors in traffic for professional drivers. It has a strong social appeal given the current high rates of deaths and accidents on the roads. It is also important for our customers’ businesses since reducing the risk for accidents means reducing possible economic losses.

This is a good example of linking corporate social-environmental responsibility to the business. Interest has been keen for this program and we have been able to share our experiences with other Volvo companies, outside Brazil.

Engagement building pride

Volvo is recognized as a socially respected company, a reason for the staff to be proud.

No doubt, the company’s social engagement drives pride and engagement among our employees, as attested by the latest Volvo Group Attitude Survey. Twice, Volvo do Brazil has been appointed the best employer of the country. We believe that our achievements in CSR and practices adopted play a part in this, reflecting the pride of our internal community."

Solange Fusco, Corporate Communications Manager, Volvo do Brasil