Global Compact

A decade as a signatory to the Global Compact
The Volvo Group was one of the first companies to become a signatory to the United Nations' Global Compact when it was launched in 2001. We are committed to the principles of the initiative, and they are integrated into our Group policy and core governance document: the Volvo Group Code of Conduct.

Integrated principles

At the Volvo Group we consider the culture we nurture and the behavior we encourage to be aligned with the spirit of Global Compact. In 2003, we introduced the Volvo Group Code of Conduct based on the principles of the Global Compact. The ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption are reflected in our Code of Conduct, which governs our internal behavior and also our conduct in relations with others.

Communication on Progress

This report describes our work to advance the ten principles in our daily operations and in relations with our stakeholders. It contains detailed information on our achievements and results, and describes initiatives and activities across our Group, designed to help us progress towards sustainable transport solutions and as a responsible company.

This report constitutes our annual Communication on Progress, in accordance with our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact initiative.

The Global Compact

The Volvo Group is a signatory
to the UN Global Compact.