Efficient governance with clear responsibilities

Sound governance is a platform for building a trusting relationship with shareholders and other Volvo Group stakeholders. With a new governance structure in place, we will achieve a faster decision-making process and clear responsibilities throughout the organization.

The Code of Conduct is our mandatory, Group-wide policy for appropriate business behavior and responsibility towards our stakeholders. Our commitment to CSR and sustainability is reflected and implemented in policies, decisions and actions. We firmly believe that sound business practices are economically profitable in the long run as they help establish our reputation as a reliable business partner.

Highlights in 2011

Olof Persson assumed the position of Group President and CEO

Carl-Henrik Svanberg proposed as new chairman of AB Volvo

New CSR and Sustainability committee

New Competition Law Compliance Program launched

9,023 employees received training on the Code of Conduct

10,107 employees were trained in anti-corruption

Governance structure

Governance of CSR and sustainability issues within the Volvo Group.

Code of Conduct

The backbone of our CSR commitment.


Conducting business with integrity.