A neutral party

Neutral in relation to political parties or candidates

The Volvo Group is present in more than 190 markets, with different political, economic, cultural, religious and social systems and traditions. The Volvo Group is firmly convinced that it is generally positive to be in a market and participate in the debate and thus contribute to a positive development. Trade contributes to economic growth, prosperity and development.

Political involvement

It is stated in the Code of Conduct that the Volvo Group is a neutral party in relation to political parties and candidates.

The Code also states that "neither the names nor the assets of the Volvo Group companies shall be used to promote the interest of political parties or candidates." This means that we give neither financial nor in-kind contributions to political parties or related institutions.

Our neutrality does not interfere with building relations with authorities and other officials. The Public Affairs Department of the Volvo Group works to establish relationships with politicians, authorities and institutions by establishing and maintaining relations and creating trust. The objective is to provide the Volvo Group with early indications and input in respect of legislation, development and trends in society, as a basis for strategic decisions.

We rely on offical sources and comply with intergovernmental policy decisions.  

No defense material to countries on sanction list

The Volvo Group monitors the socio-political development and events that may result in domestic upheaval or international conflicts. However, we do not have the ability to make our own analysis on conflicts between countries. We therefore rely on official sources and comply with intergovernmental policy decisions, such as United Nations' sanctions, in the case of blockades and trade measures. 

The Volvo Group sold defense material, as defined in the Swedish Military Equipment Ordinance (1992:1303) section A, amounting to 0.41% (0.46) of net sales in 2011. The Volvo Group complies with governing legislation and with regard to the sale of defense material we apply for permits to the relevant public authority in each country in which business is conducted. 

Contribute to reducing corruption

In some parts of the world corruption may be seen as an accepted part of doing business. It is therefore a challenging task to conduct business in the same way in all our markets.

Our overall aim is to contribute to reducing corruption and promoting sound competition.

Private and Group's interests should not conflict

Employees and members of the Volvo Group Board of Directors must conduct their private and other external activities and financial interests in a manner that does not conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of the Group.

Did you know?

The Volvo Group is present on more than 190 markets.