About this report

The Volvo Group’s CSR and Sustainability Report 2011 describes how we address economic, environmental and social challenges and opportunities to contribute to sustainable development. Our aim is to present our work in a straightforward, transparent and informative way for a wide audience.

This report is a platform for internal and external dialogues with customers, suppliers, investors, employees, the general public and other stakeholders. We therefore welcome and value your feedback.

Annual sustainability reports available on website

The Volvo Group published its CSR and Sustainability Report 2011 in March 2012. Sustainability information and the reports are available at the Volvo Group’s website: www.volvogroup.com. The Volvo Group will publish annual CSR and Sustainability reports.

Scope and boundary of the report

Unless otherwise stated, the CSR and Sustainability Report encompasses companies fully consolidated in the Volvo Group. Our financial performance and information regarding the Volvo Group’s Corporate Governance is available in the Annual Report 2011 and at www.volvogroup.com/investors.

The Volvo Group has published Environmental Reports since 1991. These reports initially covered environmental issues and were subsequently expanded to cover a wider perspective on sustainability, including considerations of ongoing trends and events that has occurred in the business world or are voiced through dialogue with stakeholders.

The process for defining the content, focus and target groups of the 2011 report included an internal workshop with key CSR representatives from the Volvo Group, which was conducted in October 2011.

Data collection

The main purpose of this report is to answer the most frequent questions we have received from our stakeholders and to make the information publicly available. This report is based on the voluntary framework provided by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The GRI Index on page 91 refers to where the information may be found.

This report was not audited by a third party. Although we acknowledge the value of an audit, we have opted to give priority to developing our in-house process in an effort to further improve our work.

Much of the data in this report is also presented in our Annual Report 2011. All information included in the Annual Report is assured by the external auditors PwC, and the process for collecting environmental data is audited by a third party and certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

The Volvo Group consists of many different companies offering a wide range of transport products and services. A substantial part of our CSR work is carried out independently. Many important data and performance indicators are measured and followed up at company level, and not aggregated at Group level.


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