Higher deliveries but lower order intake

Deliveries during the third quarter of 2011 amounted to 2,954 buses, compared with 2,151 in the year-earlier period, up 37%, with South America accounting for the largest increase. The order intake for the third quarter amounted to 2,580 buses, compared with 2,845 buses in the year-earlier period, down 9%.

During the quarter, a number of significant orders were received, including 90 buses for commuter traffic in New York City. This means a step into a completely new bus segment in New York City. In Mexico, an order was received for 54 buses, of which eight hybrid buses. These are the first Volvo hybrids in traffic in Mexico and outside Europe. In addition, another order was signed for 91 buses to Nobina in Norway, of which 32 hybrid buses, which will be put in operation in Tromsö.