Continued weak city bus market in North America and Europe

The trend in the bus market differs significantly in the various parts of the world – from continued decline to strong upswing. The European market is at a generally low level, but a slight increase is anticipated for the total market in 2011. During the first quarter, the city bus market in the UK recovered, while activity in the Nordic region was high.

In North America, the coach market is increasing, while demand for city buses continues to decrease since the cities’ weak economy has resulted in the postponement of new vehicle purchases. In Mexico, activities for both coach and city buses have increased somewhat, while interest in BRT systems is considerable.

In South America, demand remains stable at a high level and in Brazil there are clear indications of prebuy effects ahead of Euro V, the new emission regulations coming into effect on January 1, 2012. In China, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, tender activities are generally high. Based on the rising environmental requirements and high fuel prices, an increase in global demand for hybrid buses was noted.