Parent Company, AB Volvo

Income from investments in Group companies for the fourth quarter includes dividends amounting to SEK 1,801 M (662), transfer price adjustments and Group contributions, net, of SEK 6,696 M
(-14,064) and write-downs of shareholdings of SEK 19 M (-).

In 2010 a shareholders’ contribution was made to Kommersiella Fordon Europa AB with SEK 1,801 M.

In 2010 revaluation of the ownership in the listed company Deutz AG has increased the value by SEK 172 M, recognized in other comprehensive income.

Investments in intangible and tangible assets amounted to SEK 22 M (-) and SEK 1 M (0) respectively.

Financial net debt amounted to SEK 30,376 M at the end of the year (18,922).

Events after the balance sheet date
For events after the balance sheet date, see Important events.

No other significant events have occurred after the end of the fourth quarter 2010 that are expected to have a substantial effect on the Volvo Group.