Continued good market conditions in BRIC

Measured in units, the total world market for heavy, road machinery and compact equipment increased by 31% during the fourth quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year, strongly driven by the BRIC countries which increased by 47%. In Europe the total market was up 4% and North America increased by 31%. Asia was up 39% strongly driven by China and India where the markets increased by 53% and 24% respectively. Other markets were up 40%, whereof Russia increased by 269%.

For the full year of 2010 the total world market increased by 44%.

Market conditions for 2011 are expected to continue to be positive. Europe is expected to grow by 5-15%, North America by 20-30%, Brazil, India and China by 5-15% whilst the market in Russia is expected to double in 2011. Other markets is expected to grow by around 5-15%.