Significant events

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During 2013

Volvo Group Press releases 2013

The first quarter
09/01/2013 Volvo scholarship for the development of eco-friendly transportation 11/01/2013 Volvo Group industrial operation in Japan 15/01/2013 Information on restructuring charges in the fourth quarter of 2012 23/01/2013 Invitation to press and tele conference in Stockholm 26/01/2013 Volvo to become world’s largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer following strategic alliance with Chinese company Dongfeng Motor Group 31/01/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo 06/02/2013 Volvo Group – the fourth quarter and full year 2012 07/02/2013 Volvo dismisses media speculation concerning acquisition of Nexter of France 12/02/2013 Volvo Buses receives order for 475 hybrid buses from Quebec 13/02/2013 Volvo Group invests in DriveCam 19/02/2013 Record year for Volvo Museum 20/02/2013 Truck deliveries in January 2013 26/02/2013 Annual General Meeting of AB Volvo 28/02/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo 01/03/2013 Changes in Volvo’s Group Management 13/03/2013 AB Volvo publishes 2012 Annual Report 19/03/2013 The new Volvo FM – the ideal all-round player in Volvo Trucks’ model range 20/03/2013 Truck deliveries in February 2013 21/03/2013 Powerful news from Volvo Trucks in North America 26/03/2013 Assar Gabrielsson Award for increased knowledge of correlation between immune system and cancer 27/03/2013 AB Volvo publishes Sustainability Report 2012 28/03/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo

The second quarter
04/04/2013 Annual General Meeting of AB Volvo 04/04/2013 Volvo Technology Award for fuel-saving "autopilot" for trucks 15/04/2013 Invitation to press and tele conference in Stockholm 16/04/2013 New Volvo FMX centre of attention at Bauma Fair 18/04/2013 New President at Volvo Buses 25/04/2013 Volvo Group – the first quarter 2013 30/04/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo 30/04/2013 Annual Report of Volvo Treasury AB (publ) 14/05/2013 The new Volvo FE and Volvo FL – optimised for city and ­suburban deliveries 16/05/2013 Volvo Trucks has renewed its entire European truck range in eight months 17/05/2013 Truck deliveries in April 2013 28/05/2013 Volvo Trucks presents its Euro 6 offer 07/06/2013 Volvo Trucks to Commercialize DME-Powered Vehicles for North America 11/06/2013 WirelessCar has been honoured with 2 awards at Telematics Update Detroit 12/06/2013 New Renault Trucks Range: Centres of profit serving customers’ businesses 17/06/2013 Truck deliveries in May 2013 17/06/2013 Volvo launches noiseless electric buses in Gothenburg 28/06/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo

The third quarter
01/07/2013 Volvo Group to increase warranty reserves 10/07/2013 Invitation to press and analyst conference in Stockholm 24/07/2013 Volvo Group – the second quarter 2013 31/07/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo 20/08/2013 Termination of local assembly contract in Turkey – new range of Renault Trucks to be manufactured in France 26/08/2013 Volvo Group takes an important strategic step with the launch of Quester 26/08/2013 Semi-Annual Report of Volvo Treasury AB (publ) 27/08/2013 More efficient goods transport reduces emissions in cities 30/08/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo 04/09/2013 Volvo Trucks Reveals Next Generation 16/09/2013 The Volvo Group ranked as one of the world’s most sustainable companies 18/09/2013 Truck deliveries in August 2013 24/09/2013 The Volvo Group announces comprehensive efficiency program linked to the strategy 30/09/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo

The fourth quarter
11/10/2013 Invitation to press and analyst conference in Stockholm 16/10/2013 Volvo Group to optimize truck manufacturing in Europe 21/10/2013 Chinese glaciologist and climate scientist awarded the Volvo Environment Prize 21/10/2013 Pat Olney leaves Volvo Construction Equipment 25/10/2013 Volvo Group – the third quarter 2013 31/10/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo 11/11/2013 Girls make up more than half of the Volvo Step’s student group this year 18/11/2013 Martin Weissburg new President of Volvo CE 19/11/2013 The Volvo Group introduces vocational training schools in Africa 20/11/2013 Truck deliveries in October 2013 22/11/2013 Montréal to Become City of Electro Mobility 29/11/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo 29/11/2013 Change in Volvo’s Group Executive Team 02/12/2013 Successful joint venture behind strategic launch of Eicher Pro Series 04/12/2013 Volvo Group presents details on the financial effects of the strategy program 09/12/2013 Volvo Construction Equipment set to acquire hauler business from Terex 10/12/2013 AB Volvo to sell Volvo Rents in North America 16/12/2013 Reporting dates for AB Volvo 2014 18/12/2013 Truck deliveries in November 2013 30/12/2013 New number of votes in AB Volvo