Our material issues

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1 Customer satisfaction 11 Production related environmental issues 21 Climate change
2 Energy-efficient products 12 Volvo Group values and culture 22 Mobility in urban areas
3 Product safety 13 Availability of skilled workforce 23 Diversity and equal opportunity
4 Business ethics 14 Transport system efficiency 24 Corporate governance
5 Research and innovation 15 Employee training and development 25 Local community engagement
6 Alternative fuels and drivelines 16 Traffic safety 26 Product end-of-life management
7 Financial performance 17 Responsible sourcing 27 Local economic growth
8 Transition to sustainable transport solutions 18 Occupational health and safety 28 Goods security
9 Environmental impact of product in use 19 Emerging markets products 29 Water consumption
10 Human rights 20 Stakeholder dialogue 30 Donations and charity

During 2013, we strengthened our approach to CSR and sustainability by conducting a wider and more formal analysis of the Volvo Group’s material issues. This has enabled us to rank the issues that the Volvo Group and external stakeholders consider of highest importance, with customer satisfaction, energy-efficient products, and product safety as key priorities.

Our materiality approach
As a first step, we completed the process internally this year. Colleagues from the Group’s CSR committee, business intelligence, business strategy and management teams assessed and ranked a long list of issues relevant to the Volvo Group’s business success.  Employees with close contact and detailed knowledge of eight stakeholder groups completed the assessment from the point of view of customers, employees, potential employees, suppliers, capital market, decision makers, universities and NGOs.

We regard the resulting matrix as a useful tool to guide and inform our CSR and sustainability strategies, actions and communications. We know not all issues will be relevant for all stakeholders, and that priorities will vary by region – such as human rights in emerging markets. We will continue to evaluate issues, and their rankings, as we expand the stakeholder input in our materiality process.