Major activities that support the strategic objectives

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The Volvo Group is in an intense period of activities supporting the strategic objectives. Below are the major activities initiated in 2012 and 2013.

Major activities in Q4 2012

  • Right-sizing of UD Trucks in Japan – 950 employees less as of Jan 1, 2013. Read more.
  • New sales and marketing organization for Trucks in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) announced. Implementation started on January 1, 2013. Read more.


Major activities in Q1 2013

  • Agreement to acquire 45% of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles in China. Read more.
  • Study initiated to optimize the European truck plant footprint. Read more.
  • Activities to improve profitability in Japan. Read more.
    - new commercial organization
    - industrial consolidation


Major activities in Q2 2013

  • Complete renewal of Renault Trucks’ product range started. Read more.
  • New Volvo FMX, Volvo FM, Volvo FE and Volvo FL launched. Read more.
  • Efficiency potentials identified, to be executed in coming quarters.


Major activities in Q3 2013

  • Group-wide efficiency program linked to the strategy
    - reduction of white-collar employees and consultants
    - efficiency enhancements in the global industrial system. Read more.
    - directional decision to rationalize within Group staff and support functions by approximately 2,000 employees and consultants. Read more.
    - directional decision to optimize the European truck manufacturing footprint. Read more
  • Introduction of the new UD Quester range and the Volvo VM. Read more about the UD Quester and the Volvo VM in Brazil.


Major activities in Q4 2013

  • Agreement regarding the divestment of Volvo Rents in North America. Read more.
  • Agreement regarding the acquisition of hauler business from Terex. Read more.
  • Launch of Eicher Pro Series in India and for export markets. Read more.


Major activities in the beginning of 2014

  • NDRC approves strategic alliance in China with 45% ownership in Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles (DFCV). Read more.
  • The divestment of Volvo Rents finalized. Read more.
  • Reduction of white-collar employees and consultants. Read more.