Creating value in every stage of the value chain

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Value creation

  • The Volvo Group has approximately 36,000 subcontractors in the first tier, of which about 6,000 supply components for the Group’s products.
  • In 2013, the Group made purchases of goods and services in an amount of SEK 192.2 billion (207.8).
  • Corporate social responsibility is an integrated part of the purchasing process. 
  • One job within the Volvo Group generates a number of other job opportunities directly at subcontractors and indirectly in the rest of society.

Sustainability perspective
Responsible purchasing involves encouraging correct behavior, managing risks and building long-term relations with our suppliers to improve social, environmental and business ethics in the supply chain. The Volvo Group strives to ensure that unethical values are not incorporated into our products and services, and we base our work on a minimum standard in our Code of Conduct. We believe that a high standard in our program for responsible sourcing will result in high productivity and stable long-term relations, which will benefit all parties.