SEK M 2013 2012
To suppliers - Purchases of goods and services 192,198 207,808
To employees - Salaries and remunerations1 36,212 39,179
To society - Social costs1 8,262 9,686
To society - Pension costs1 4,144 3,965
To society - Income taxes paid 2,823 5,366
To creditors - Interest paid 2,437 2,900
To the Volvo Group - Investments in tangible assets 8,281 9,338
To shareholders - Dividend 6,0842 6,083

1) For further information, please see note 27 to the consolidated financial statements.

2) According to the Board's proposal.

The Group’s Code of Conduct states that “The Volvo Group shall comply with the tax laws and regulations of each country in which it operates. Where tax laws do not give clear guidance, prudence and transparency shall be the guiding principles.”

The Volvo Group does not take part in aggressive tax planning by placing subsidiaries in tax havens. In the period 2009-2012, SEK 11 billion or 79% of the Volvo Group’s current taxes were paid in emerging market countries as defined by the IMF. In 2013 approximately SEK 2.2 billion or 70% of the current taxes were paid in emerging market countries.