Corporate Governance Report

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Election Committee
3. Election Committee

The Election Committee is the shareholders’ body responsible for submitting to the Annual General Meeting the names of candidates to serve as Chairman at the Meeting and Chairman and other members of the Board, as well as proposing fees and other compensations to be paid to the Board members.

In the years in which Volvo elects auditors, the Election Committee presents proposals to the Meeting for the election of auditors and for fees to be paid to the auditors. In addition, the Election Committee, in accordance with prevailing instructions for Volvo’s Election Committee, presents proposals for members of the Election Committee for the following year.

The Election Committee’s proposal shall be presented to Volvo in sufficient time to be included in the notice to attend the Annual General Meeting and to be published on Volvo’s website at the same time. In conjunction with the notice to attend the Annual General Meeting being published, the Election Committee shall comment on whether those persons who are proposed to be elected as Board members are to be considered as independent in relation to the company and company management as well as to major shareholders in the company and further to comment on their material duties and holding of shares in Volvo.

In accordance with instructions for the Election Committee adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2007, the Annual General Meeting shall elect five members to serve on the Election Committee, of whom four shall represent the largest shareholders in the company, in terms of the number of votes, who have expressed their willingness to participate on the Election Committee. In addition, one of the members shall be the Chairman of the AB Volvo Board. Additionally, the Election Committee can offer other major shareholders to appoint one representative as a member of the Election Committee. If such an offer is made, it should be directed in turn to the largest shareholder in terms of voting rights not already represented on the Election Committee. The number of members on the Election Committee, however, may not exceed seven.

In accordance with its instructions, Volvo’s Annual General Meeting 2013 resolved to appoint the following individuals as members of the Election Committee:

  • Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of the Board,
  • Carl-Olof By, representing AB Industrivärden,
  • Lars Förberg, representing Cevian Capital,
  • Yngve Slyngstad, representing Norges Bank Investment Management, and 
  • Håkan Sandberg, representing Svenska Handelsbanken, SHB Pension Fund, SHB Employee Fund, SHB Pensionskassa and Oktogonen.

The Election Committee appointed Carl-Olof By as Chairman.