Business Areas' strategies

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Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta’s strategy is a customer and quality oriented growth strategy, focused on nurturing current customers and attracting new potentials with premium products.

- Marine Leisure will remain very important to our profitability over the next two years. During 2013 we continued to strengthen our position and increased our market share, and we are continuing to develop our Easy Boating concept — our award-winning glass cockpit is a good example of that, says President Björn Ingemanson.

However, the fastest growing business for Volvo Penta in the past decade has been sales of industrial engines, which currently represent about 50% of Volvo Penta’s total sales value.

- Over the next two years, I think the area where we can make the greatest difference is in the Industrial segment. Our product lineup has never been more competitive within versatile industrial engines, i.e engines used in mining vehicles, stone crushers, cranes and forklift trucks, says Björn Ingemanson.

The other area with considerable potential for growth is the Marine Commercial segment, where there is an increased need for coastal surveillance and patrolling, passenger transports, supply vessels and off-shore energy. Volvo Penta’s objective is to double the business in this area by 2015. Volvo Penta is also to prepare for new markets, mainly in Asia but also in Africa and South America.

Volvo Penta's focus areas

  • Grow the Industrial Versatile Engine (VE) business.
  • Grow the Marine Commercial business.
  • Leverage on growth in emerging markets.
  • Build a world-class supply system.
  • Build a customer- and quality-focused company culture.