Business Areas' strategies

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Volvo Financial Services

Profitability, integrated offerings, increased opportunities for growth and leadership development – these are Volvo Financial Services’ (VFS) cornerstones in the strategy for 2013-2015.

To ensure successful execution of its strategy, VFS has selected five key focus areas, according to Acting President, Scott Rafkin. These key focus areas will help guide VFS to higher levels of performance as a key element of the Volvo Group’s success.

After one full year of execution towards the three year strategic objectives, VFS is on track and has achieved significant results. For example, further integration of Volvo Group products and services, including financial services, is critical for the efficient delivery of total customer solutions. VFS has invested in and executed world class point of sales processes and systems that have already made the total offer concept a reality. Further development is planned during the strategic period to achieve even higher levels of integration. 

Many more opportunities exist for VFS to maximize its full potential in support of Volvo Group sales. Customer value and ease of doing business are at the heart of such initiatives and will continue to shape VFS activities throughout the strategic period.

Volvo Financial Services’ focus areas

  • Strengthen customer and dealer partnerships throughout product lifecycle
  • Capture profitable growth opportunities
  • Drive operational excellence in support of efficient customer solutions
  • Attract, develop and retain high-performing employees
  • Optimize shareholder return on equity