Creating value for many stakeholders

Products in use

Value creation

  • Trucks manufactured by the Volvo Group transport goods and products so that society functions, our buses are important parts of efficient transport systems and our industrial engines are used as reserve power, for example, in hospitals. These are only a few examples of our products' and services' contribution to society.
  • More than 2 million trucks and 100,000 buses, which the Group manufactured in the past ten years, operate on roads worldwide. At construction sites, there are more than half a million units of construction equipment that we manufactured in the last ten years.  

Sustainability perspective
As a manufacturer of commercial transport solutions, our products play an important role in daily life and are important components in the transport system. The Group also participates in the development of efficient transport systems by such initiatives as Green corridors, BRT systems, debate about renewable fuels and transport-policy issues.

Most of the negative impact from our products occurs during the use phase. We strive to offer the right products and services to achieve safe and energy efficient transport systems.