Truck operations' focus areas and strategic objectives

The Volvo Group's vision is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. A deciding factor in fulfilling this vision is our employees and their knowledge and commitment. Read more.

Focus area 5: Build high performing global teams

To outperform competitors and achieve agreed objectives, we must attract and retain people with the right competencies across all of our businesses. Fully leveraging the existing in-depth business expertise and adopting best practices throughout our global organization will set us apart from the competition.

5.1 Become an attractive employer measured by reaching the employee engagement level (EEI) of high performing companies
We want to have committed employees with a level of engagement that is on par with high performing companies, defined as the top 25 percent. This will enable us to deliver on our business objectives and make us an attractive employer. Furthermore, our workplaces should have an open and inclusive culture, providing a healthy and inspiring work environment.

5.2 Drive high performance measured by reaching performance excellence level (PEI) of high performing companies
This objective aims to drive continuous improvements and high performance. Each individual needs clear personal objectives that are aligned with the strategic objectives of Group Trucks. Managers must provide clear feedback to employees and reward and recognize performance.

5.3 Secure leadership and strategic competencies, primary focus is the implementation of Volvo Group University
By establishing a Volvo Group University, we will gather training and development activities in a shared, efficient organization. Other aspects of this objective include enhancing knowledge transfer and mobility in the Group, carrying out talent reviews on all levels and improving our ability to plan and secure our future competency requirements.

5.4 Build an efficient and inclusive organization by implementing common global level 1 and 2 processes
Effectively utilizing process orientation and standardization will help us create a more efficient organization and provide us with a map that more clearly defines roles and responsibilities. By implementing shared global processes we will truly become one company, with a cohesive culture based on the Volvo Way.