Truck operations' focus areas and strategic objectives

The Volvo Group's product development is affected by the cost and supply of fuel as well as environmental legislation. The Group's research and development is therefore focusing on energy-efficient drivelines, hybrid drivelines and on vehicles that can be run on renewable fuels. Read more.

Focus area 4: Innovate energy-efficient transport and infrastructure solutions

Environmental concerns, political demands, megacities and fuel prices are driving regulation and green technology. We must be able to anticipate and act on changing market demands and shifts in technology, and have the capacity to rapidly bring new solutions to market.

4.1 Fuel efficiency to be improved by 2% per annum through vehicle optimization, diesel efficiency and electromobility
We aim to remain the leader in fuel economy. To reach our annual goal of 2%, we need to pursue fuel-efficiency improvements and optimization of Group Trucks vehicles and the existing diesel engine platform. We must also continue to develop hybrid solutions and alternative drivelines.

4.2 Commercialize alternative fuel technology by launching concepts or products in all regions
Coming up with groundbreaking innovations is not enough. We must turn them into commercially viable products and bring them to market. To succeed in this respect, we must work in close partnership with customers and providers of infrastructure and alternative fuels.