Truck operations' focus areas and strategic objectives

The Group's strong brand are important assets. By selling products under different brands, the Group can address many different customer and market segments in mature as well as growth markets. Read more. More information on the Volvo Groups' service offering is available (Read more).

Focus area 2: Strengthen customer business partnership
Success is based on being the best at solving our customers’ problems and strengthening their operational performance. This is a key factor in building customer loyalty and becoming our customers’ preferred business partner.

2.1 We will achieve 99% product availability contributing to “strengthen customer business partnership”
The first strategic objective within this area is to achieve up to 99% product availability, since uptime is a decisive factor for our customers. Reaching this level will require improved product quality, measures to avoid unplanned stops, rapid truck repair, and optimized preventive maintenance to reduce downtime.

2.2 Drive retail excellence by implementation of an integrated customer interface tool
We must strengthen the way our processes and tools support our personnel at all customer touch points, providing them with an overview of the total business relationship with a particular customer. This will improve our ability to offer our customers the right products and services. Examples of areas to address include the retail process, system architecture, information management and information sharing.

2.3 Each brand to rank number 1 on decided brand attributes in competitive set
The Volvo Group’s portfolio of brands as a whole can capture a larger share of the total trucks market if we utilize the full potential of each of our brands. Working with customer segmentation and distinct brand attributes will be decisive in terms of how we position each brand in the market to enable the best opportunities for growth.