Shareholder value

Long-term shareholder value

The Volvo Group strives to create long-term value for its shareholders.

SEK 1,000 invested in Volvo B shares
on 30 december 1982, was worth
SEK 60,200 at the end of 2012.

The Volvo Group's origins can be traced to 1927, when the first serial produced Volvo car rolled out of the factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first serial produced truck saw the light of day in 1928 and was an immediate success. In 1935, AB Volvo was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. All through its history, the Volvo Group has strived to create long-term value for ist shareholders.

The graph shows the total return for the Volvo B share, measured as the share price development with all dividends re-invested, since December 30, 1982, which is as far back as the comparison index, SIX Return Index, stretches. SIX Return Index measures the total return for the Stockholm Stock Exchange as whole.

The graph shows that SEK 1,000 invested in the Volvo B-share in 1982 had grown to SEK 60,200 at the end of 2012, under the condition that all dividends have been reinvested in Volvo B shares.