Focus Peru

The Volvo Group invests in Peru

On June 12, the Volvo Group opened its new base of operations in Peru. With a total area of 56,500 square meters, the facilities will serve as a hub for commercial and after-market activities supporting Volvo, Mack and UD Trucks, Volvo Buses, as well as Volvo Penta marine and industrial engines. SEK 130 M is being invested in the new facilities.

- We have a very strong presence in Peru, a strong image and a high level of customer satisfaction, says Roger Alm, president of Latin American sales for Volvo Group Trucks Sales and Marketing Americas. We are market leaders in heavy-duty trucks and the new investment will help us support the expansion of our business in the country. The Volvo truck fleet in Peru is around 17,500 trucks and the fleet is expanding.

The Peruvian facility is the first multi-brand operation of the Volvo Group in South America, given that it will support Volvo, Mack and UD Trucks.

The second largest market for Volvo trucks in South America

Strong position
The Peruvian market for heavy-duty trucks amounted to 9,985 vehicles during 2012, compared with 8,441 trucks during 2011.

In terms of the Volvo truck brand, Peru is the second largest market in the continent. 2011 was a record year in Peru and a total of 2,040 Volvo branded trucks were sold, a historical record since Volvo entered the market 50 years ago. During 2012, the market weakened somewhat in the mining segment, compensated with increase in the long haul. During the year 1,973 Volvo trucks were sold, which gave Volvo a market-leading position and a market share of 19.8%.

The Volvo Group has been successful in the Peruvian market and has increased the sales volume in the heavy-duty segment in recent years, from 241 units in 2000 to 2,100 units in 2012.

During 2012, 127 Mack trucks were also sold, which gave a market share of 1.4%. Having access to several brands means that the Volvo Group can offer customers in many important segments of the market the exact type of truck they demand.

Large mining transports
Peru is one of the world’s largest producers of copper and silver and a major supplier of gold, zinc, lead and other minerals. The mining industry accounts for roughly 15% of the country’s GDP.

- Our trucks are ideal to address the requirements of Peruvian carriers in the mining and long distance freight segments, said Rolf Smedberg, who was Managing Director of Volvo Peru from 2006 to 2012, when he retired and was succeeded by Marcus Högberg.

Training center for mechanics and drivers
The new Volvo Group Peru facilities are located in Lurín along the coast south of the capital, Lima. Lurín is a popular area which is attractive for both employees and other stakeholders. The new venue will also feature a training center for service technicians and drivers/operators, equipped with the leading edge in Volvo, Mack, UD and Volvo Penta equipment and training infrastructure.