Corporate Governance Report

Auditors report on the Corporate Governance Report

To the annual meeting of the shareholders in AB Volvo, corporate identity number 556012-5790

It is the Board of Directors who is responsible for the Corporate Governance Report for the year 2012 on pages 74-88 in the printed version of this document and that it has been prepared in accordance with the Annual Accounts Act.

We have read the corporate governance report and based on that reading and our knowledge of the company and the group we believe that we have a sufficient basis for our opinions. This means that our statutory examination of the Corporate Governance Report is different and substantially less in scope than an audit conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden.

In our opinion, the Corporate Governance Report has been prepared and its statutory content is consistent with the annual accounts and the consolidated accounts.

Gothenburg, February 21, 2013
PricewaterhouseCoopers AB
 Peter Clemedtson   Johan Rippe
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