Business areas strategies

Read more about Volvo Buses' new telematics system, which is currently being used in more than 20 countries.

Volvo Buses

The challenge for Volvo Buses is to obtain a sharp improvement in profitability by 2015. One way of achieving this is to expand in Asia.

- Growth in Asia is really significant and we already enjoy a strong position there. We are now going to continue along the same lines, says the acting president of Volvo Buses, Håkan Karlsson.

Volvo Buses has identified eight areas on which it is especially important to focus during the next three-year period. They will all help to improve profitability and make Volvo Buses one of the most profitable bus companies.

- This is our absolutely top priority. We are talking about an aggressive, powerful increase and it’s essential that all the employees are both aware of and committed to it, says Håkan Karlsson.

Volvo Buses' focus areas

  • Number 1 in customer satisfaction.
  • Profitable core market clusters.
  • Soft product acceleration.
  • Asia leverage.
  • Profitable product portfolio.
  • Manufacturing efficiency.
  • Research and development efficiency.
  • One company culture with high performing people and organization.