New products

At the annual Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, both Mack and Volvo Trucks introduced trucks with new aerodynamic and powertrain features which, when combined with the improvements already achieved through the use of SCR technology, deliver fuel efficiency gains of 8-12% over previous generations of trucks (EPA 2007).

The world’s most powerful hybrid truck was launched by Volvo Trucks in the first quarter. The Volvo FE Hybrid, the first parallel hybrid from Volvo Trucks, uses techniques able to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20%, and it makes the truck much more silent.

In May, Volvo Trucks launched the new Volvo FM MethaneDiesel truck, a gas-powered truck for long-haul operations enhancing its focus on alternative fuels. This truck can be powered by up to 75% gas and if run on biogas, emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel could be cut by up to 70% compared with a conventional diesel engine.

In September, a 750 hp version of the Volvo FH16 was launched.

Renault Trucks delivered the first serial Renault Premium Distribution hybrid truck (Hybrys Tech).

Renault Trucks also launched a system called Optiroll on the Renault Premium Route Optifuel truck, which further reduces fuel consumption.

In July, UD Trucks launched its new Condor medium-duty trucks, which have undergone a full model change.