A high-performing organization

Increased global presence, new products, new technology, demographic changes and more rapid fluctuations in the global economy will lead to challenges in the supply of expertise and resources.

Attracting and retaining competence
The Volvo Group's ambition is to offer interesting opportunities and a unique company culture that help us attract and retain the best people, whoever they are and wherever we do business.

Without engaged employees, who are willing to take an active part in the Group’s development and future, the Volvo Group will not succeed in pursuing its strategies. It is therefore important we attract the right expertise and competent engineers to continue the development of environmentally enhanced products. The Volvo Group regularly maps the strategic competence needs, and annually aggregate findings on a Group level to identify the most important future needs.

Academic Partner Program
The number of people in Europe graduating with degrees in mathematics, science and technology (MST) is declining, and this trend may have an effect on the future competitiveness of Europe. The Volvo Group is involved in a comprehensive series of cooperative ventures with research bodies and academic institutions to advance the technologies needed for future product development. One example is the Academic Partner Program.

Competence development
Investing in the Group's employees is a fundamental part of staying competitive, sustainable and profitable. The Volvo Group’s training programs are offered at all levels for employees, and the activities range from traditional and e-based training to individual coaching and mentoring.

Individual competence development is based on a personal business plan, which provides support for translating corporate strategic objectives into individual objectives and contribution. The purpose is to ensure that employees clearly understand their role in the team and what is expected of them.

Developing talents
Every manager is responsible for assessing and developing talent in the organization. The Leadership Pipeline provides the Group with a structured approach to developing and preparing present leaders as well as potential leaders for future roles. 

The Leadership Pipeline has been set up jointly with research institutes and is based on global research. It is also designed to support the Volvo Group’s culture and values as well as the strategic objectives.

Diversity enhances innovation 
To create the dynamics required to succeed at a global level the Volvo Group needs to recruit and retain a broad spectrum of employees with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives. In the Volvo Group diversity is considered to be a catalyst for innovation and a source of competitiveness and profitability. By expanding the knowledge base, skills and understanding, the Group becomes more responsive to customer needs and it strengthens the Group's market position.

Diversity and inclusion have long been prioritized within the Volvo Group.

Employee engagement
In 2011, an Employee Engagement Index was added to the Volvo Group Attitude Survey (VGAS). By including engagement there is a clearer connection to the Group’s wanted position, culture and business success.

The results from VGAS is benchmarked against an international database with data gathered from over 14 million employees, representing over 80 countries. In the 2011 VGAS, the Volvo group reached an Employee Engagement Index of 76%. This can be compared with the global norm of 68%. The survey reveals that the Volvo Group’s general strengths are the employees’ pride at manufacturing products of high quality and that they clearly understand their role and the business objectives.