Negative development on the stock market

In general, the development on the world’s leading stock exchanges was negative following two years of positive trends. On Nasdaq OMX Nordic, the OMXSPI index fell by 18% during the year.

Trading in Volvo A shares on Nasdaq OMX Nordic decreased by 35% compared to 2010. The share price decreased by 34%, and at year-end the price for the Volvo A share was SEK 75.95. The highest price paid was SEK 119.50 on January 3, 2011.

Trading in Volvo B shares on Nasdaq OMX Nordic increased by 30% compared to 2010. The share price decreased by 36% and was SEK 75.30 per share at year-end. The highest price paid was SEK 121.70 on January 3, 2011.

In 2011, a total of 3.1 billion (2.5) Volvo shares at a value of SEK 282 billion were traded Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, corresponding to a daily average of 12.0 million shares (9.8). The Volvo share was the most traded share on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm in 2011. At year-end 2011, Volvo’s market capitalization totalled SEK 153 billion (238).

An increasing portion of the trading in Volvo shares is carried out on alternative exchanges such as Bats Europe, Burgundy, Chi-X and Turquoise. According to Fidessa the direct trading on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm accounted for 56% of the turnover in the Volvo B share while the trading at Chi-X accounted for 11%, Burgundy for 5%, Bats Europe for 3% and Turquoise for 2%. The remainder of the trading took place outside these exchanges.