Together we move the world

Without the products and services of the Volvo Group the societies where many of us live would not function. Like lifeblood, our trucks, buses, engines, construction equipment and aircraft components are involved in many of the functions that most of us rely on every day.

For instance, one in seven meals eaten in Europe reaches the consumers thanks to trucks from the Volvo Group rolling on the roads of the continent. Buses are the most common type of public transportation in the world, helping many people to reach work, school, vacations, friends and family. And if all the Volvo buses in the world were to start at the same time, they would transport more than 10 million people.

Every year, the population on earth produces billions of tons of garbage. In the US alone, the garbage removed by refuse trucks from the Volvo Group every week could form a line of full garbage cans that would reach the moon.

These are just a few examples. In this Annual Report, you can learn more about  the Volvo Group - Together we move the world.