The market values of derivatives utilized to eliminate interest-rate exposure in the customer-financing portfolio are reported in Other financial income and expenses. During the year, these had a positive impact of 544 (871) on earnings.
SEK M 2011 2010
Financial instruments at fair value through profit or loss 544 871
Exchange rate gains and losses on financial assets and liabilities(2 25 (351)
Financial income and expenses related to taxes 18 (20)
Costs for Treasury function, credit facilities, etc (290) (287)
Total(1 297 213

1) Other financial income and expenses attributable to financial instruments amounted to 569 (520). For additional information regarding financial instruments, refer to Note 30 Financial instruments.
2) Exchange-rate gains and losses on financial assets and liabilities for 2010, includes an adverse effect of 274 for the devaluation in Venezuela.