Russia back on the growth track

During 2011, the total market for trucks over 12 tons was approximately 106,200 vehicles in Russia, considerably more than the 61,500 that were sold during 2010 and a vast increase compared to the bottom in 2009 when the total market amounted to 37,100 trucks.

Volvo is the biggest imported brand in Russia with a total population of more than 55,000 heavy-duty trucks in the country. A population that has been built-up during a long period of time. The population of Renault trucks is approximately 20,000 heavy-duty trucks. During 2011, Volvo delivered 5,300 trucks (2,800) and Renault trucks delivered 1,300 trucks (800) in Russia.

In January 2009, the Group opened a factory for the assembly of trucks in Kaluga, approximately 200 kilometers south of the capital Moscow. A long-term confidence in the Russian market's growth prospects and to come inside the duties and fees that apply to imported trucks were important reasons for the establishment. There are a number of other foreign truck and auto makers established in Kaluga. At maximum capacity, the plant in Kaluga can assemble 10,000 Volvo and 5,000 Renault trucks annually. In 2011, 3,800 Volvo and 1,400 Renault trucks were manufactured in the plant.