New city bus given global premiere

At the end of October, Volvo Buses’ new city bus, the Volvo 7900, was given its world premiere, when it was presented at the large international bus fair, Busworld, in Kortrijk in Belgium. Busworld is a large and important fair for the bus industry and attracts visitors from all over the world. The Volvo 7900 is a lowfloor bus that has been designed to be lighter, more fuel efficient and to take more passengers.

At the fair Volvo Buses also presented its hybrid version of the Volvo 7900. The already very low fuel consumption in Volvo’s hybrid bus will be even lower. Fuel consumption will be up to 37% lower than a diesel bus, compared with up to 35% in current hybrid buses.

However, the hybrid version is only one of the options with respect to the new Volvo 7900. The bus is offered with engines for diesel/biodiesel and natural gas/biogas. It is available as 12-meter bus or 18-meter articulated bus.