Global leader in hybrid buses

During the year, the trend toward more efficient transport solutions continued within the bus industry, with less energy consumption and lower environmental impact. Volvo Buses introduced a new bus model for city traffic – the Volvo 7900. The new bus model is available in hybrid and for natural gas/biogas, as well as diesel/biodiesel. The hybrid model has up to 37% lower fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions than the corresponding diesel bus. With the Volvo 7900, Volvo Buses will strengthen its industry-leading position in terms of fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. In total, Volvo Buses has now sold more than 400 hybrid buses, of which 110 were to the U.K., 60 to Curitiba, Brazil, 32 to Tromsö, Norway, 25 to Sweden, 10 to Hamburg, Germany and 8 to Mexico in 2011.