Volvo Aero

Improved profitability

Volvo Aero develops and manufactures advanced components for rocket engines, and civil and military aircraft engines. The company also carries out maintenance and repair on aircraft engines and stationary gas turbines.

Since the 1980s, Volvo Aero’s civil operations have grown steadily in terms of sales and significance, while the company’s military operations have decreased in a corresponding fashion to the present figure of about 5% of sales.

Since Volvo Aero has an independent role, the company can sign agreements with all major manufacturers in the aircraft engine industry. As a result, Volvo Aero’s engine components are now found in more than 90% of all new large civil aircraft.

Volvo Aero can now also claim the role as a designer of new engine components. The company has assumed a leading role in the field of light-weight structures, which is now gaining significance in the industry since less weight leads to lower fuel consumption and, in turn, lower emissions from aircraft – two vital issues for the airline industry.

A key component in the light-weight venture is the composite company ACAB, which Volvo Aero acquired in 2007. During the year, ACAB secured a strategic contract with Korean Air concerning future collaboration in the areas of radomes, wing structures and other composite components.

The continued success of Volvo Aero’s focus on high quality is confirmed by the fact that, in 2011, the single-engine military aircraft Gripen, with a Volvo RM12 engine, exceeded 160,000 hours of operation with no engine-related breakdowns or serious incidents. This is unique for all air forces worldwide.