Last year, the bread producer, Pågen AB, placed an order for 61 Volvo FL trucks.

“We are in the fresh produce business. Distribution is the one part of our chain that must be completely faultless,” says Johan Blixt, Purchasing Manager at the Pågen Group.

The first Volvo trucks
For 20 years, the drivers at Pågen AB have driven another brand of trucks, so the decision to change supplier and make an investment of this size requires serious consideration.

“Our procurement processes are very thorough. Suppliers are compared in great detail. Volvo came out well and won this contract. But Volvo will still have to work hard for several years to come.”

The service organization was decisive
Price was not the main reason the Pågen Group made its choice.

“I would say the decisive factor was Volvo’s service organization. We have been very well received, they have listened to what we had to say and we feel well looked after. These things are important for me as Purchasing Manager when taking such large decisions and for our employees that leave the vehicles at the workshop.”

Pågen AB has chosen to invest in Volvo’s Gold Service Contract for the new trucks.

“When a driver hands in a truck for service, whatever work has been ordered must be completed in the appointed time. If we lose time, we miss deliveries and a missed delivery is a lost sale. It just has to work!”
Fits Pågen’s environmental profile
Volvo trucks’ environmental qualities are highly valued by Pågen.

“We strive to minimize our environmental impact throughout our chain and invest in premium environmental technology, and the transports are no exception.

Pågen AB
Pågen is Sweden’s largest bread producer. Net sales amounted to SEK 2.7 billion.

Freshly baked bread is distributed across Sweden from bakeries in Malmö and Gothenburg, seven days a week, all year long.

Of the approximately 1,400 employees, 430 work as sales staff and drive bread trucks around their own district of stores. In total, Pågen’s sales staff visit 5,000 stores every day.

The order: 61 trucks of the Volvo FL model.