Focus on the driveline

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy diesel engines for commercial use. The Group has production and research and development facilities for drivelines on three continents. The products are sold to customers in some 180 markets worldwide.

The drivelines are designed so they can be adapted to a large number of applications in most of the Group’s products. The diesel engines are used in trucks, buses and construction equipment, as well as in boats and industrial applications, such as generator units.

The strongest driver of the development of drivelines is customer requirements and preferences as well as new legislation with stricter emissions requirements. Products with reliability, sustainability, good drivability, favorable fuel economy and high environmental parameters help boost customers’ productivity and profitability.

The environmental aspect is of great significance in all product development. Alternative drivelines and fuels, and the lower fuel consumption when using traditional drivelines, provide for twice the benefit - less impact on the environment and lower costs for customers. The Volvo Group is a driving force in the areas of environmental adaptation and energy efficiency. The undertaking involves a gradual transition from fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas, to fuels from renewable sources and to hybrids.

The Group continuously strengthens the development of aftermarket products and services with the aim of meeting customer needs through the entire product life cycle.