Major engine programs

During 2010, Volvo Aero was highly involved in all four new major engine projects that are occupying the aircraft-engine industry and will be highly significant to the development of the aircraft of the future. During the year, a number of key milestones were achieved in the development of these engines: 

These include the starting of the new Rolls-Royce engine, Trent XWB, in a test cell for the first time in June. Volvo Aero is a joint-venture partner in the XWB engine, responsible for design, development and manufacture of the intermediate case, the first in titanium to be developed and manufactured entirely within Volvo Aero’s new design system. The Trent XWB will be used in the Airbus A350 XWB, which is scheduled to enter service in 2013.

Pratt & Whitney completed the assembly of the first PW1000G engine, “PurePower”, for the Bombardier C series aircraft and Mitsubishi’s MRJ aircraft. Volvo Aero is a joint-venture partner in the engine, responsible for the design, development and manufacture of a couple of components. Following the final assembly, a comprehensive evaluation and certification program commenced, which will continue for the next 24 months, with engine certification and the first flight with the aircraft scheduled for 2012. The aircraft is scheduled for commercial use in 2013.

The first flight of Boeing’s upgraded 747-8 aircraft was successfully executed in the spring, using four GEnx-2B General Electric engines. Volvo Aero is joint-venture partner in the GEnx engine, with responsibility for design and development of three components, and will manufacture a total of five different components for the engine.

In 2007, Volvo Aero was contacted by Pratt & Whitney about redesigning the intermediary case for the GP7000 engine for the Airbus A380. One of several requirements specified was that the weight should be reduced by at least 10%. At the end of the year, Volvo Aero was able to present a solution that met these requirements.