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Annual Report 2008

It saves fuel. It reduces emissions. And it can be used together with alternative fuels. Hybrid technology is one of the most promising and competitive technologies for commercial vehicles.

During the year, the Volvo Group showcased the fourth-generation hybrid solution on a broad front in buses, trucks and construction equipment. “Our hybrid solution for heavy vehicles is completely different from anything that has existed in the market to date,” says CEO Leif Johansson.

“As a result of our volumes and resources, we have succeeded in developing a more standardized platform solution, which is a prerequisite for the hybrid technology’s ability to have a widespread commercial impact in the market for heavy vehicles."

Volvo has been testing various types of hybrid solutions since the 1980s and unveiled the first commercially viable hybrid solution for heavy vehicles in March 2006. Volvo’s solution is based on a concept known as I-SAM (Integrated Starter, Alternator and Motor).

Unlike a series hybrid system, a powertrain based on a parallel hybrid system can be used as a pure conventional diesel powered system or as an electric powertrain system or in a mixed mode. This flexibility ensures highest possible system efficiency irrespective of driving condition and a much improved overall fuel efficiency compared to the series hybrid system.

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